Dreadnoughtus was a type of sauropod dinosaur, which are dinosaurs that have long necks, long tails, small heads and four thick legs. At 26 metres long and weighing approximately 38,000kg, Dreadnoughtus is thought to be the largest sauropod ever to walk the earth.

How did Dreadnoughtus get its name?

"Dreadnoughtus" comes from two English words:

  • Dread meaning "fear," and
  • Naught meaning "nothing"

So if you put the words together, the name means "fear nothing."


As the largest land animal on Earth, Dreadnoughtus would have had nothing to fear from other animals!

Dreadnoughtus was named after the dreadnaught battleships.

What else is really cool about Dreadnoughtus?

  • Dreadnoughtus's neck made up half the length of its entire body.
  • Only two partial skeletons have been recovered, both in Argentina.
  • Dreadnoughtus belonged to a group of sauropods called "titanosaurs," which is made up of the largest sauropod species.

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